Donate to feed a horse for a day or more!

A lot goes into caring for our special horses, from keeping their stalls clean and dry to making sure that they have the vet and farrier care they need when they need it, and everything in between. Donating to feed a TROtt horse helps us to keep our furry friends in top shape for our riders.

Click here to donate.

Don’t forget to let us know your name and email address so that we can invite you to a special event to show our appreciation once the barn is open again.

You can help by donating to feed a horse for a day, a week, a month, or more!

Feed a horse for a day – $10

Feed a horse for a week – $70

Feed a horse for a month – $300

Tax receipts issued for donations of $20 and above.

The hay bale that Phoebe is eating will feed her for one day.

Large bales like this one can feed 4 horses for about 10 days.

Horses also need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Some of our TROtt horses are older and need a special diet like hay cubes.